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Pharmacy Locator

You may search for a participating pharmacy in your area either by pharmacy name, by zip code or by city. Please note that the addresses are provided by the pharmacies themselves and may be entered differently.

Cities with common abbreviations in their name could produce multiple results when searching only by city. For example, a pharmacy in St. Bernard could be listed under Saint Bernard as well as St Bernard (without period). A zip code search may provide the most accurate list of participating pharmacies in your area.

Note: Pharmacy locations include retail, clinics, and dispensing physicians. If the pharmacy you select is a clinic or a dispensing physician, please verify that they can provide services to you under the Ohio's Best Rx program.

Please enter one or more of the following:

Pharmacy: Zip Code: City:  

Click here if you are traveling out of state and need to locate a pharmacy.

When you fill prescriptions at the "Best Rx" price, remember that your pharmacist plays a big role in making this program possible. Please make sure to take a look at the many fine products available at your local pharmacy - support the pharmacies that support Ohio's Best Rx participants!

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